I am a 33-year-old wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher and Child of God. This blog is a testimony to my fifteen plus years with depression and anxiety. A life in and out of the pit, swallowed by the addictions of people-pleasing and perfectionism and saved again and again by redemptive Grace. There is no reason for me to be physically alive today. What I do know is, my soul could never let go of the One who created me. I don’t want this to be another cliche blog about suffering and how to “get through.” Nor do I want it to be a cliche blog about “Jesus saving my life.” But to be honest, cliche or not, no matter how many times I have denied it, it is the truth: I would be dead if it weren’t for Jesus Christ. On the other hand, this is not a blog about my wonderful life as a Christian. No it is about my sucky and beautiful life, the darkest and most joyous days of my soul as a Christ-follower. I never thought I would share what I have written but I am ready to, because that is what He asks of me. Here I hope you will not simply find someone who can share in your misery. Instead, I hope my words will open your eyes to reality and to hope.

I was inspired by this wonderful woman’s site to tell my story in order, to be read as a book. So please start here, and click the link on the bottom to read forward. I will tell you my story from my heart, the only way I know how. A story of a life that continues today as all of our lives do. Through my words, my prayer is that you are able to see my transformation-over the course of many, many years-from the valley of miry clay to the mountain of hope. I hope you can see yourself going through this transformation because He can take you there. I will not say “just believe” or “just hang on” but I will say the “autumn rains” and “strength” will come. I am living proof.


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