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Things I Know For Sure

Truths I have come to believe through my experiences:

  • You have no right to judge another’s experience.
  • People are never as they appear on the outside.
  • Pain is pain.
  • You can always find joy even in the hardest times.
  • You must face your fears in order to truly live.
  • You can never get back THIS moment.
  • Faith is dead without action.
  • You can CHOOSE to feel differently about ANY situation.
  • People rarely notice you (the way you think they do).
  • Always assume the best but be aware of the worst.
  • Christ is incarnate; He is found in anything beautiful in the world, most often the day-to-day things you forget to acknowledge.
  • Hope is living in the moment but knowing one day everything will be perfect.
  • You may mean little to the world, but, to one person, you may mean the world. (and that’s a GREAT reason to stay alive!)
  • My body is not my own; it is my Creator’s, that’s why I am a sacred and beautiful person.
  • People come and go from our lives; I strive to learn from each one knowing that that one conversation we have may very well be the only one.
  • Each mistake is a chance to learn more about yourself and become a better person.
  • Self-hate is a sure way to make yourself look ugly.
  • Striving for perfection takes away this moment to be completely YOU.


I am a Thirty-Something, Newlywed, Middle School Teacher, Christ Follower. I am also a lifelong Learner, Questioner, Dreamer, Creator and Lover. This is a blog of my questions about self, love, God, Christianity, wholeness & health, womanhood, relationships, suffering, and justice--to only name a few. I seek NOT to get my questions answered but to live them out in divine Peace and Rest with a Help that is not of this world. (Jeremiah 29:11)

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